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Mem Cube

Our brain, a repository of experiences, allows us to summon scenes when needed, yet these recollections lack form, relying on the ambiguous mechanism of sensation for manifestation. "Mem Cube" reproduces and visualizes these intangible images.

When revisiting cherished memories, we close our eyes, diving into the ocean of memory within our brain, and extract the desired scene, immersing ourselves in past moments. Memories, brilliant yet often ambiguous, incomplete, and fragile, may intertwine with other recollections or be entirely replaced. The imperfect 3D scan data used, captured via smartphone, reveals missing shapes and distortions, echoing memory's traits.

MEM CUBE employs 3D scan data from Shigetoshi’s journeys, portraying it as a narrative of the expedition. These memories, tangible through our senses and unequivocally present in our minds, become visible in this representation. The elusive image, imperceptible to the naked eye, takes shape and is visually archived.

Year : 2024

Resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels (FHD)

Duration : 05'00"

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