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MIRROReal Generation

In the same way that humans have a diverse set of personalities and traits, computers also display uniqueness. This work visualises a computers personality and chronology in a way that is both more meaningful and memorable than a set of numbers on a screen. 


I created a gif file and filled them on the screen with HTML and JavaScript. When computers read the file, they render the gifs in a manner that reflects the power of the CPU. This is exacerbated by the computer running other tasks at the same time. The file defines different stages of a face depending on the speed of the CPU. For example, if the CPU is efficient, a young face is displayed with an uninterrupted cycle of colour. Alternatively, if the computer is slower, the face becomes old beside a few lines of colours. This primarily is used to visually express the metaphor of computers as things.


Ultimately, I'm interested in the similarities between the ageing process between humans and machines. We dismiss outdated technology as obsolete and weak, but in many ways, the memories we forge with older technology cannot be forgotten

Sample Video 2017

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